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I have a L/OC fanfiction that I can't post the entire thing on this site, which really sucks! It's far too Mature for this site's guide lines. It's rated M for violence and sexual content.

The story follows L and a girl named Tsuki from their childhood and takes you through the years as they grow together and fall deeper in love. You see the extent of their strengths and trials they face together. I am currently working on chapter 27 and am about to incorporate the Death Note series itself into my story.

I have put extensive research into L's mannerisms and given this fic deep thought and countless hours of my time. I have only been working on it three weeks now and I have to say I have never worked so hard on a writing, also, I have never been so unbelievably proud of my work.

If anyone would like to give my fic a try I am YamiHirugashi on My fic is called "There Is A Strong Possibility I Find Your Brain To Be Super SEXIE". :D


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Moon's Glow
Chapter 2: I Have A Name....Now What?
Chapter 3: Happiness And Pain Often Go Hand-In-Hand
Chapter 4: Life Is Easy....What a Lie
Chapter 5: L The Entertaining Panda-Boy
Chapter 6: Time Waits For No One
Chapter 7: This Can't Be Goodbye! Part A
Chapter 8: This Can't Be Goodbye! Part B…

I now have a blog for my fic as well: fan-fiction-freedom.blogspot.c… I just got it up and running yesterday so please forgive me if it's a little under polished!

The story (so far) has suicide, graphic violence and explicit sexual content. Each chapter that is explicit in some way is marked at the top with a warning.

If anyone would read my fic I would be exceedingly happy and grateful. Any feedback is appreciated and of course, suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you all for your time reading this journal and also thank you to whomever reads my fic.

-Yami Hirugashi-


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Yami Hirugashi
United States
Yo Peoples!

:) I'm a new member to this site but I've been visiting it for years now...Um I'm 22 and am a writer...

I'm yamihirugashi on FanFiction and I have an Death Note LXOC fic I'm currently working on posted on there. Sad to say I can't post the story on here since it's far too mature for their guidelines. My story on FanFiction is rated M for detailed violence and lime/lemons. Please make note if you read it there are dark themes in it as well (suicide, torture, death, child abuse, and mourning).

This link here is my profile on where I also have my fic posted!…

The other link I have in my profile is the link to my new blog I made for my fiction so I can get the word out more about it :)

Not sure what else to say >_>" I really suck at rambling about myself....

XD" I'm almost as awkward as L when it comes to people....just...FYI.....


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punkette180 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a bunch for the watch! :love:
punkette180 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey hey, thanks for the fave on my Death Note fanfic! :3 Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

And welcome to dA! =D
YamiHirugashi Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013

Oh I absolutely love your story! I'm on chapter 14 and I'm fighting not to race through the story. I don't want it to end and I've been hanging on every word. I'm crazy about Gee and love how much you've developed her. It makes me happy that someone is working so hard on their fanfiction to keep L in character and also developing a character so much. I have to say it's very hard for me to enjoy a fiction so much because the characters are either underdeveloped or OOC. However, your fiction is one of my top favorites of all time, and I've been reading fanfiction regularly for over 10 years now! I can't wait to find out what happens between Gee and L and fall deeper in love with your story. I know I will frequently reread your story over time and continue to hang on every word as I have been. :)

I found your story on and am about to add it to my favorites, I'm also YamiHirugashi on there. I have a fanfiction with L and an OC as well. I would ask you to read it and let me know what you think, however my story is very Mature and I'm not sure how you would take to it, not to insult of course, just it touches on some sensitive subjects and is could be a difficult read.

Thank you for the welcome to the site and please keep up the amazing work!


P.S. I love your fan arts of Gee/L. So cute!

punkette180 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww thanks so much, I really do appreciate your kind thoughts! :love: I have put a lot of thought into Gee's character and background, so I'm glad it's paid off! And thanks for the alerts on too - I just got a bunch of emails for it! :) Oh and I'm so happy you like the artwork as well! =D I invited you to my group so you'll catch all the updates!

Oh, mature stuff only ever offends me if it's underage or out of character :P I write mature stuff myself, so that's definitely nothing new. I have to say I find the premise of L of all people being involved in a mature story pretty unrealistic, but maybe that's just me. You've actually caught me at the worst time though because I'm going travelling in a couple of weeks, so most of my time online is spent researching hotels and the like (and catching up on the only fanfiction I've been reading recently, since I rarely ever read fanfiction myself :P) So I doubt I'll be able to check it out until after I'm back.
YamiHirugashi Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013

:) Credit should be given when it is due and in this case it most certainly is. I understand, best of luck in your research, have safe travels and I hope you enjoy your trip.


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